Intenational Student Office

Allianze University College of Medical Sciences (AUCMS) 's International Student Office is the one stop centre for all international students. The unit offers comprehensive support services for international students. Our services include:

  • Airport Arrival Assistance
  • International Student Orientation Week
  • Housing Assistance and Host Home Program
  • Academic Advising and Cultural and Immigration Advising
  • Intensive English Language Program
  • Free Tutoring
  • Social and Cultural Activities

Airport Arrival Assistance : Allianze University College of Medical Sciences provides assistance to all international students arriving in the community and seeking housing. For all students arriving direct from an overseas location, we offer a free airport pick-up service. A staff member or associate of the college can meet you at the airport, and take you directly to your housing accommodations or host home.

International Student Orientation : All new students are required to attend the International Student Orientation Program. This week-long program provides you with information to help you get started at AUCMS. You will be provided information about living in the community, the academic system in Malaysia, an overview of the academic programs available at AUCMS, and be assisted to complete all registration requirements.

globeDuring Orientation, you are required to be comprehensively tested in English language ability. After the tests are completed, you will have individual appointment time to discuss your test results and class placement with an advisor. Students whose language skills are not at university-level English will be placed in the Intensive English Language Program. Students whose English is already at university-level competency will select regular academic coursework. Course selection and registration and all requirements for enrolment at the college are completed during International Student Orientation Week. The week also includes a social activity and bus trip for sightseeing to downtown Penang.

Housing Assistance : The College offers international students housing assistance. To meet your needs, the Host Home Program is offered, where you can rent a room in the home of a local community member. Many new students take advantage of our Host Home Program. We also provide assistance in locating apartments for students who prefer to live more independently. In either case, the Coordinator of International Student Housing provides housing support and accommodations for your stay. Newly admitted students must send in a $200 housing deposit to assure accommodation on arrival.

Host Home Program : Living with a host family will allow you to experience life with a Malaysian family and develop lasting relationships. A host family provides a supportive, friendly atmosphere to help you adjust to the community, practice your English and make friends. Students who request the benefits of the Host Home Program enjoy the conveniences of a furnished home, including a private bedroom, and the use of laundry facilities, television, and other appliances. AUCMS host families live in various communities around the college. Students living with host families use the public bus system to travel to the college.

Academic Advising, Cultural and Immigration Advising : The International Student Office has specially trained staff members who are available to assist you during your enrolment at the college. Our staffs understand the challenges students experience while living and studying in a different culture. Students receive personal support with academic concerns, adjustment, immigration issues, housing, academic progress, career and personal concerns.

AUCMS counsellors and advisors also provide special workshops to help you succeed. They also are available to assist with your educational advising and career planning. They may help you to do research about your career interests, and can assist you to choose a university if you want to transfer.

Free Tutoring: At AUCMS, you will receive personal attention to make sure you are progressing well in your classes. In the college's Language and General Studies Centre you can obtain free tutoring and help in english, mathematics, physics, accounting, chemistry, and other subjects. This helpful centre is open five days a week for your convenience.

Social and Cultural Activities : The International Student Club at AUCMS provides social and cultural activities, parties, trips and events. Some of the activities include:

  • Hiking, nature trips
  • Leadership training
  • Tours of Malaysia
  • Visits to museums
  • Restaurants and dinner outings
  • Sporting events
  • Picnics and parties on campus
  • Courtesy calls to the Embassies / High Commission

Students are advised to seek help from our officer. Our well trained officer will offer the best possible assistance to help them solved problems or issues during their stay in Malaysia.